Version 2.57 – Download size (8.2 GB)


  • A single package that Includes everything required to run FH2
  • Supports all Windows version starting from XP SP3
  • Multi-language support (all languages available in the retail game + Russian)
  • Automatic key generation from the current date/time and hardware (CPU/motherboard model, amount of RAM etc.), which provides for absolute uniqueness of the generated key
  • Installation of DirectX, .NET Framework 3.5 and FH2 Community Updater (last two are optional)


  1. If you have Windows 10, mount the downloaded ISO by double-clicking on it. Otherwise install WinCDEmu or similar software, or simply extract it anywhere with 7-zip, or any other archiver
  2. Run the fh2_setup.exe installer and wait for the file extraction to finish.
  3. PB Service installation window will pop up, follow the installation process and wait until it’s finished.
  4. Before you can jump into the game, you need to create an account. In order to do that, click on the desktop shorcut, which will open the launcher. Open the game, once it’s loads, click on the “BFHQ”, then on “Manage Account”. Fill all the required fields (email address isn’t important, just make it up). Important notice: make sure you to write down password, as this is the only way you can restore your account!
  5. Next, open the launcher again and open configuration window through “OPTIONS” submenu.  Open “Gameplay” tab and select newly created account in “Login as” entry.
  6. You can join servers either from the in-game browser, or by clicking on the joystick on this page.

The standalone package is an open-source project and can be found on GitHub.

For latest download links and information, check the original forum thread.